Alex McArdell

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Alex is a self taught artist and illustrator based in Shrewsbury.

He grew up in Barmouth North Wales and draws much of his artistic inspiration from the surrounding rugged landscape.

His aim is to always produce work with vivid lighting effects, texture and atmosphere.  Alex has created book covers for UK publishers and Hollywood producers, and works hard to continually develop new skills and techniques.

Janet Bell

Popular contemporary artist Janet Bell works in acrylic on canvas.

Janet’s style is characterized by her bright colours, and cheerful scenes of boats, lighthouses and seaside views. Janet takes great care to develop an individual colour palate for her pieces and often takes great care to mix the perfect shade of blue.
Janet works from her busy studio and gallery in the seaside town of Beaumaris, Anglesey where she lives with her husband Sean.

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Helen Elliot

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Helen’s work is often described as ‘naïve’ in that it presents what appears to be an uncomplicated, colourful description of daily life.

Traditional concepts of perspective and scale are disregarded in her paintings; rather prominence is joyfully given to the colour, emotion, sensation or object of prevailing interest to her, at that time.
Unstructured, self taught and distinguished by intuitive use of colour, her paintings are described as ‘accessible’, ‘joyful’ and compared to ‘a colourful Lowri’.

Amanda Hone

Amanda Hone is an international award winning artist based in North Wales.

Her passion for colour and design can clearly be seen in her vibrant, cheerful paintings. Initially focusing on abstract expressionism, Amanda has recently applied her abstract techniques to paintings of her Welsh surroundings.
Amanda has paintings in collections worldwide, has had a solo exhibition sponsored by UNESCO and has been exhibited in the Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool.

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Kevin McArdell

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Husband to Valerie and co-owner of ‘Oriel’ Kevin has been developing his eye as a photographer for several years.

Although at first, photography was something he did for his own pleasure, his images can now be seen in the gallery. To Kevin’s lasting surprise (but no one else’s) his images have proven extremely popular with visitors and locals alike and have become some of the best selling items the gallery has to offer.

Although the majority of Kevin’s images depict Barmouth and the surrounding areas, his travels in Africa and India give him ample opportunity to indulge his love for wildlife photography.

Sue Moore

Sue studied Art and Design at NEWI Wrexham specialising in stained glass. She completed several architectural commissions for churches and public buildings in the Wrexham area before moving to the beautiful west coast of Wales. She has worked at Oriel as our framer for over 20 years, rising to many interesting and varied challenges.
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Keith Davis

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Keith is an artist living along the beautiful Mawddach Estuary near Dolgellau in North Wales producing high quality fine art paintings showing amazing attention to detail.

His subjects are wide ranging between landscapes, aviation, steam trains and motor sport and he regularly donates work to charities and organisations. Often reproducing the works in collectable signed print editions, many are kept to a limited number and can be verified with a certificate of authenticity and information sheet enabling the purchaser to understand the subject and story behind the painting. We have sold his original paintings and prints for over 20 years.

Valerie McArdell

The proprietor of Oriel is also one of the gallery’s contributors. Valerie has worked in a number of different mediums over the years and is forever developing her style.

Her quirky interpretations of local scenes have proven highly popular, and she often has requests to product further images showing her latest trademark style of squashed and slanting buildings and cheerful bright colours. Her pictures often have a humorous focus that the locals and visitors can recognise and appreciate.


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